About us

Abens Solutions, LLC is a software development firm focused on creating business solutions for niche oriented businesses. Michael Abens (Owner and CEO) leads the company and brings 30 years of business experience and systems design to the table. Kyle Abens is the firm’s Co-Founder and Lead Developer, and Kris Abens is the Co-Founder and Account Executive. Together, they combine their unique skills to gather target market insight, and then, design and develop business systems tailor-made to address that market’s needs. Urable™ is the company’s commercial brand and is specifically designed and built to address the needs of the automotive detailing community. The Abens family’s values are apparent in everything associated with Urable. Integrity, honesty and strong community service are hallmarks that underpin the “Urable experience”. The system will continue to evolve through continuous user feedback and a relentless pursuit of perfection by the team.


Michael Abens

Owner and CEO
Michael has an extensive business background spanning over 30 years. Throughout his career in Pharmaceuticals, Specialty Home Infusion and, most recently, 503A/B Sterile Compounding, he has been a pioneer in designing unique business models and software systems that improve patients’ lives, caregiver effectiveness and help quantify the value of medical interventions. As an entrepreneur, he helped grow Pentec Health, Inc. into the largest provider of intrathecal drug therapy in the United States. His Executive-level positions in Sales, Marketing, Managed Markets, Health Economics, Outcomes Research and cGMP Operations provide him with a broad base of experience to successfully lead the strategic direction of the company.

Kris Abens

Account Executive
Kris is an experienced Account Executive with a background in the 503B Sterile Compounding and Web Development industries. As a sales representative within the 503B market, she established herself as a leader amongst her peers, demonstrating unparalleled customer service skills and a desire to improve internal business processes. While in this role, she led the development of an individualized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to streamline the sales process, earning her the distinct privilege of leading the company’s first customer on-boarding and E-Commerce training session. Her attention to detail, keen affinity for operational excellence and ability to utilize the methodologies of LEAN Six Sigma, can help enhance operational efficiency and maximize the utility of the applications we create.

Kyle Abens

Lead Developer
Kyle is a full-stack developer with a “very particular set of skills” (Liam Neeson voice). He has worked for small start-ups, building systems from the ground up and large corporations where he focused on improving existing business processes, as well as introducing entirely new systems that dramatically improved operational efficiency on a global scale. His career has allowed him to merge his skills in Graphic Design with front-end and back-end software and web development. He is uniquely able to create aesthetically pleasing and simple User Interfaces that incorporate complex “under the hood” logic to streamline business processes and improve the utility of captured data.