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What is Urable?

Urable™ is an application designed to help automotive detailers and other entrepreneurs run day-to-day operations, process transactions and manage customer interactions.


Cross-platform Compatibility

Urable is a progressive web application that is designed to run on all devices and operating platforms. It is available 24/7/365 in the supported countries from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

Customizable Branding

Urable is fully customizable for your business and your brand. You can change the color of Urable to match your branding and your logo is present on all customer communications.

Automated Customer Messaging

You’ll never lose track of a customer again with Urable. You can customize all your automated customer messages and Urable will personalize each one of them for you.

Advanced Data Management

All the answers you need about your business, your customers and your schedule are available with a few clicks. Advanced search capabilities throughout Urable make data retrieval simple and fast.

Online Booking

Urable offers a unique online booking process for your customers that is custom-made for the detailing industry and solves all the issues inherent with general online booking systems.

Employee/Job Time Tracking

Urable manages employee payroll through clock in and clock out functionality, as well as line item time tracking for real-time job profit analyses.

Urable…to run a business


Schedule Jobs 01

From simple to complex jobs, scheduling has never been easier. Single customers with multiple cars with each receiving unique services…no problem! Maintenance customers with repeating jobs…Urable has you covered!

Capture Approvals 02

Seamlessly send your customers branded communications with beautifully formatted quotes or invoices for their approval at any point in the job process. Include inspection photos with detailed notes regarding the condition of the car before, during and after the job is complete.

Process Payments 03

Urable handles in-person and remote credit/debit card transactions. Send your customers payable invoices to collect deposits or full payments remotely, or use one of the interfaced card readers for in-person payments.

Increase Ratings 04

The automated messages sent from Urable to your customers ensure excellent communication on every job. This includes an automated, yet personalized, text or email asking for a rating/review and providing a link to do so.


No contracts, no hassles and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.


Pick a plan that works best for you and your business

25 USD
/ mo
50 USD
/ mo
100 USD
/ mo
  • Users allowed
  • Web, iOS and Android compatibility
  • Fast realtime database with state-of-the-art security
  • Extensive customizable app configurations
  • Flexible job/quote creation process
  • Customizable calendar with advanced filtering capabilities
  • Job progression tracking
  • Live chat support throughout the app
  • Payment processing and branded line-item invoicing
  • Remote payment collection capabilities
  • Internal cloud notifications
  • New and existing customer interaction tracking
  • Customer item data and image storing
  • Import customer and products/services data
  • Manage multiple businesses/locations from a single login
  • Role-based authorization and access restrictions
  • Custom coupon and eGift Card creation and redemption tracking
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Integrated Google Maps navigation
  • International compatibility
  • Stripe Terminal card reader interfaced with Urable
  • Ability to duplicate Jobs and Product/Services
  • Ability to create repeat Jobs on custom cadences
  • Product inventory tracking
  • Gross margin calculation at service level
  • Multi dimensional filtering capabilities throughout the app
  • Automated sales tax calculation for all countries
  • Advanced payment tracking and history
  • Key Performance Indicator Reports (More coming!)
  • Dynamic Job approval process (Quotes/Changes/Inspections)
  • Digitized vehicle inspection report functionality
  • Invoice/receipt PDF generation and distribution
  • Create/share employees across multiple businesses/locations
  • Internal event scheduling
  • Customizable schedule reminders and rate/review text messages
  • "On My Way" automated message with actual ETA
  • Advanced deployment confirmation logging
  • Employee hour/wage tracking
  • Advanced data exporting throughout the app
  • CRM internal follow-up notifications
  • Customizable and branded long-term, service-level, follow-up messages
  • Online booking with customizable calendar/menu options
  • Branded and fully integrated e-commerce site
  • E-commerce order tracking system with notifications
  • Shipping label generation, including tracking numbers
  • Membership to Private Pro User Group on Facebook
  • Free data formatting and import services
  • 1:1 access to Account Executives for account optimization
  • Advanced visibilty and input into new features
  • 1 user
  • 1-5 users
  • Unlimited

Urable integrates with other popular apps and web services to help you do more with your business.

Stripe logo - slate

Setup and connect a simplified Stripe account through Urable and seamlessly transact business with your customers. This integration is required if you want to unlock the e-commerce functionality in Urable. In addition to sending payable invoices, Urable is also capable of interfacing directly with verified Stripe card readers to enable lower merchant fees per transaction.


Create or connect your existing Square account and seamlessly transact business with your customers.


Integrate your existing QuickBooks Online account and you’ll be able to populate Urable with all your existing customers and products and services. Once integrated, all new customers, products and services, invoices and payments will be handled within Urable and synced simultaneously to your QuickBooks Online account. (Pro only)


This integration, in addition to allowing bar code scanning of the VIN to retrieve YMMT info, creates a two-way connection between Urable and Carfax. Not only can you retrieve a vehicle’s Carfax history report but all the services you perform will be added to the report and your shop will be designated as a Carfax Verified Service Shop. (Pro only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Urable handle payment processing?
Urable is integrated with two payment processors: Stripe and Square. Stripe has the added advantage of allowing Urable to interface with their card readers to secure lower merchant fees per transaction.
Does Urable integrate with accounting software?
Urable integrates with Quickbooks Online in real time. There are detailed financial reports that can be exported for use with other accounting systems.
Does Urable offer online booking?
Urable offers a custom-made online booking system for the detailing industry. This system is unlike any other system and eliminates the pitfalls of generally available online booking systems.
Can I add my employees to Urable?
Yes, but the number of employees varies by Plan. Each employee can be assigned 1 of 3 roles that will determine their level of access within the account. Each employee is given a unique log in that allows for detailed time tracking as well as custom calendar views.
Does Urable support multiple business locations?
Yes, you can seamlessly manage multiple businesses or locations from a single log in. You can also share employees across your businesses or locations.
Does Urable handle payroll?
Urable offers each employee their own clock in/out functionality. The system keeps track of all the hours worked and this data can be queried over whatever time frame works for your business...weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
Does Urable sync with 3rd party calendars?
Not yet, but this is planned. The calendar in Urable is far more robust than typical calendars like Google or iCal so any syncing that will be developed will be one way from Urable out.
Is Urable available in my country?
Urable is currently available in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. More countries and languages are planned in the future.
Does Urable handle product sales and shipping?
The e-commerce side of the Virtual Shop within Urable is a full service offering. You can sell products to your customers online and arrange shipping all within Urable. The Stripe integration is required for this functionality. You can also allow customers to buy online and arrange for pick up and pay at the shop.
Does Urable keep track of customer communications?
Yes, on numerous levels. There is a very simple customer relationship management system to help manage active sales processes. There is also an extensive and highly customized automated communication system built in that sends specific messages to specific customers at specific times after they have completed a job with you.