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The Urable™ application is designed to help automotive detailers run day-to-day operations, process transactions and manage customer interactions.

  • Branded invoices and annotated inspection reports
  • Automated and customizable reminder text messages
  • Branded customer approvals and payment requests
  • Customizable long-term service reminders
  • Fully integrated e-commerce site for each business

  • Online booking tied directly into social media platforms
  • Customized calendar for each business and employee
  • Quickly create a new account by importing existing data
  • Seamlessly manage multiple businesses or locations
  • One-click navigation and “on my way” message

  • Personalized app configurations to extend your branding
  • Advanced search functions for easy data retrieval
  • Compatible across all operating systems and devices
  • State-of-the-art third-party business integrations
  • Real-time, secure and globally accessible database

Customizable for Your Business

Make Urable your own! Thanks to dozens of customizable options, you can configure Urable to match your specific business.

Urable Launch Video

Watch our 60 second video to see how Urable can help improve your business.

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There is a simple plan for every business. No contracts, no hassles and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

$25 USD
Users allowed: 1
$50 USD
Users allowed: Up to 5
$100 USD
Users allowed: Unlimited
$300 USD
Users allowed: 1
$550 USD
Users allowed: Up to 5
$1000 USD
Users allowed: Unlimited
Web, iOS and Android compatibility
Fast realtime database with state-of-the-art security
Extensive customizable app configurations
Flexible job/quote creation process
Customizable calendar with advanced filtering capabilities
Job progression tracking
Live chat support throughout the app
Payment processing and branded line-item invoicing
Remote payment collection capabilities
Internal cloud notifications
New and existing customer interaction tracking
Customer item data and image storing
Import customer and products/services data
Manage multiple businesses/locations from a single login
Role-based authorization and access restrictions
Custom coupon creation and redemption tracking
Advanced search functionality
Integrated Google Maps navigation
International compatibility
Stripe Terminal card reader interfaced with Urable
Ability to duplicate Jobs and Product/Services
Ability to create repeat Jobs on custom cadences
Product inventory tracking
Gross margin calculation at service level
Multi dimensional filtering capabilities throughout the app
Automated sales tax calculation for all countries
Advanced payment tracking and history
Dynamic Job approval process (Quotes/Changes/Inspections)
Digitized vehicle inspection report functionality
Invoice/receipt PDF generation and distribution
Create/share employees across multiple businesses/locations
Internal event scheduling
Customizable schedule reminders and rate/review text messages
"On My Way" automated message with actual ETA
Advanced deployment confirmation logging
Advanced data exporting throughout the app
Key Performance Indicator Reports (More coming!)
CRM internal follow-up notifications
Customizable and branded long-term follow-up emails
Online booking with customizable calendar/menu options
Branded and fully integrated e-commerce site (Stripe Integration required)
E-commerce order tracking system with notifications
Shipping label generation, including tracking numbers
Membership to Private User Group on Facebook
Free data formatting and import services
1:1 access to Account Executives for account optimization
Advanced visibilty and input into new features

30-Day Free Trial. No payment method required.


You have questions and we have answers. If your question isn’t captured, feel free to reach out to us directly via our live chat or at support@urable.com

Payment processor, related questions
  • I use a Square terminal at my shop for credit card payments. Can I keep doing this?
  • What if I want to stay with my current payment processor?
You are able to use whatever payment processor you’d like but most point-of-sale processors are very limited in their value beyond the swipe. The only exception to this is Stripe. Urable has a unique integration with Stripe which will soon allow even swiped transactions to be recorded in Urable automatically. The other benefit of our unique Stripe integration is that we are able to use the collective volume of the entire Urable user base to secure lower merchant fees for everyone.

Urable integrates with both, Stripe and Square to provide a very flexible and streamlined invoice, receipt and payment experience for your customers and your business, we highly recommend connecting your existing Square account or utilizing our Stripe account. If you choose to use a different payment processor outside Urable, that’s ok. The app will still handle all the detailed invoicing for you and your customers, but you will not be able to transact seamlessly through the app or send payable invoices to secure deposits remotely.
Quickbooks, related questions
  • Does the app interface with Quickbooks?
  • I use Quickbooks to print my itemized invoices for the customer and my techs, do I need to enter data in the app and again in Quickbooks?
  • Does the app work with Quickbooks Desktop?
Quickbooks Online has been fully integrated with Urable and is currently available in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Urable is not integrated with Quickbooks Desktop. When you first choose to integrate Urable with your Quickbooks Online account, you’ll have the option to import all of your clients and services from Quickbooks into Urable. This makes account setup very quick and easy. All new customers, services and transactions that occur within Urable will be synced with your Quickbooks account and revenue will be routed to the Income Accounts you assign.
e-Commerce, related questions:
  • How do I handle shipping costs?
  • Can I ship products across state lines? What about state sales tax?
The e-commerce platform in Urable is a fully integrated and functional online store. All shipping charges are based on the parameters of an average parcel and will be calculated in real time for the customer based on their location and the shipping method they choose. The actual shipping cost will be calculated when the customers order is packaged and the measurements and weight are entered into the system. This will produce a shipping label for that specific package. The customer will be sent an email containing tracking information automatically.

NOTE: The collection of state sales tax in e-commerce is a complicated situation and we recommend each business consult with a tax professional to ensure taxes are collected and remitted accurately. The default setting in the e-commerce site assumes the business only has tax collecting and remitting responsibilities in their domicile state.
Cell phone data and storage, related questions:
  • Will the app blow up my cell phone storage?
  • Will my data charges be impacted if I use this?
  • My techs only have personal cell phones, can they use them with the app? What about data charges, will they be charged more for using the app at work?
The information viewed in the app is not stored locally on anyone’s device or computer (unless it has been exported out of the app). It is hosted by Urable and available from anywhere in the world, at anytime and from any internet connected device. Users will never incur data fees using the app and the app does not rely on the devices memory capacity, other than having the space to install the app itself.
Adding customers, related questions:
  • I have a database of clients, how can I add them to the app?
  • Can I import client lists I get from lead campaigns?
  • Can I add a big group of clients at one time?
  • Do I have to add clients one at a time?
Customers can be added one at a time or imported in bulk within the app or through the Quickbooks Online integration. Customers will also be added through the use of the Online Booking feature that can be added to your social media platforms and act as a lead generation tool.
How to get started, related questions:
  • I run a busy business. What’s the best way to transition to this?
  • Do you offer support to help get started with it?
  • It seems pretty straightforward, but what if I need help?
We built Urable to be intuitive in it’s layout and navigation. Using and navigating the app is something most will be able to do with little or no training. However, transitioning a business from one way of doing things to another, is a much more complex task. We help businesses get over this “transitional hump” by offering 1:1 video conference training sessions and a recommended 2-week lead up time. Meaning, any existing jobs that are scheduled to start beyond 2-weeks and all newly scheduled jobs should be entered into Urable. This allows ample time for a smooth transition from your current operating model to Urable. Once making this investment of time and effort, you’ll never look back! For ongoing learning and new employee orientation, we have an extensive library of “function-focused” video tutorials that users can access at their leisure. We also offer Live and pre-recorded webinar sessions to allow users to ask questions and learn from others that currently use Urable.
Customer interaction, related questions:
  • I need a better way to keep track of my customers and the jobs I’ve done for them. Can Urable help with that?
  • Customers often forget their scheduled appointments. Is there a way to automatically remind them of an upcoming appointment?
  • I have a sales person for new customer acquisition, does the app have a CRM to help with this?
Urable has robust automated functionality for customer interactions. There are various reminders (all customizable for content and scheduled deployment) that are automatically sent to customers. Short-term reminders are generally text messages to remind a customer of their scheduled appointment to cut down on “no shows”, when their job is completed and then finally asking for a rating/review of the service. Long-term reminders are generally branded emails that alert customers that it’s time for a maintenance visit to ensure whatever service was done (ie; a ceramic coating or wind shield treatment) is still performing properly.

For sales acquisition activities, Urable has a CRM built in that logs all interactions and sends follow-up notifications to your salespeople alerting them to reach back out to a specific customer to continue a sales dialogue.

Urable also builds an entire history of services that have been performed for existing customers and the items they were performed on. This is searchable, so if a customer reaches out and asks what was done on their Corvette 5-years ago, it is accessible in Urable within seconds.